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The National Secretariat

The Canadian Section of Amnesty International was formally established in 1973, initially consisting of six local Amnesty groups and several individual members. We have since grown into a dynamic movement of some ten thousand active members representing over 150 local groups and a handful of theme/outreach networks across the country. Another sixty thousand Canadians support the organization with financial contributions each year. Aside from traditional community group activities, theme networks were developed to coordinate the work of students, artists, as well as legal, education, and medical professionals. The Youth and Student Network in the English-speaking branch alone is composed of over 300 campus groups. The branch has also developed coordination support with religious communities, trade unions and parliamentarians interesting in working together for human rights.

Members of Amnesty International Canada (English-speaking) are assisted by a staff at the National Secretariat in Vanier, Ontario, who support national and local level work in the areas of campaigns, membership, media and publicity, merchandising and publications, outreach, and fundraising. The office provides written and audio-visual materials and produces a bimonthly journal, “The Activist”, for members and supporters.

The national office links the branch to the International Secretariat (see below) in London, England. Two other branch-funded offices service the membership and general public. The Toronto office houses the Urgent Action and Refugee programmes, while the Pacific Regional Office, based in Vancouver, supports regional development initiatives in British Columbia and the Yukon.

Our funding depends on our members and the general public. No money is sought or accepted from governments. Each year over sixty thousand Canadians generously give a charitable donation to the English-speaking branch.

The Secretariat of the English-speaking branch of Amnesty International Canada can be reached by e-mail at You may also call our national toll-free number: 1-800-AMNESTY.

Le secretariat de la section canadienne-francophone d’Amnistie Internationale se situe a Montreal. Veuillez ecrire ou appelez au (514)-766-9766.

Visit Amnesty International Canada at et Amnistie International à

The International Secretariat

Amnesty International has over a million members and supporters in more than 150 countries and territories. The organization’s nerve centre is the International Secretariat in London, England, with over two hundred staff from more than 40 countries.

The International Secretariat conducts professional research into human rights violations worldwide, sends delegations that observe trials and make representations to governments, and houses the administration of the movement’s international publishing, campaigning and development activities. The International Secretariat also produces many detailed reports on human rights violations.

Some of the operations that run from this unique nerve centre include: – launching a life-saving appeal on behalf of a prisoner threatened with torture or death; – running the research, missions and information systems that are involved in taking up the case of an individual prisoner of conscience; – sending a delegation to meet government officials and conduct on the spot fact-finding.

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