WRITE-FOR-RIGHTS! Dec 10, 11am – 6pm @ 50 St Catherine’s O.

Please join AI Canada members and supporters on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 50 Ste-Catherine W. for our annual Write for Rights/Marathon d’Écriture event ! It’s the day to write support messages on lovely cards to prisoners or their families and/or to threatened communities, sharing your concern.

   Our colleagues at Amnistie internationale set up tables + provide all the information in binders, plus markers, coloured pencils, blank or decorated cards, and suggested messages. There’s also musical entertainment in the background, snacks, speeches, + a festive atmosphere. There will be binders with the info on the 10 cases to write to, from all parts of the world. Group 16 will supply three binders with info on the same cases in English, and some of us from Group 16 will be there in shifts as well. Note that we may be in the main area, or in the second room used for the day, off on the left.

   The people we will be writing to this year are from: Cameroon, Canada (First Nations people in B.C., re: Site C dam), China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malawi, Peru, Turkey, + the U.S. (Edward Snowden.) You can stop by any time for as long as you want, with friends or family too. These cards of support make a huge difference to the people who receive them…. And know that AI supporters all over the world will also be writing support messages to these + other victims on this Intntl. Human Rights Day event. Last year, over 3,750,000 cards were written in 187 countries, and 76% of the prisoners were eventually released !
   If you can’t make it there, the information on the cases are available online at: www.writeathon.ca/materials You can send text or email messages to the governments involved. You will notice 2 cases, Australia and Azerbaijan, that differ from the Amnistie internationale cases, as they choose theirs separately.


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